Photography: Lanzarote

Lovely Coastal Evening Walk

Lovely Coastal Evening Walk

This picture brings back so many happy memories for me. Not only is it one of my best photos, but that may because of the sentimental value but still, it is also the one that makes me realise how good a time I had, the colours are warming and friendly and when I think of Lanzarote I think of my family, we all had a good time, no holiday family drama, and my girlfriend was with me. We went to all sorts of p[laces, travelled the entire length and breadth of the Island in a day, took over 2000 pictures and saw some sites that took my breath away. Looking back that was a fantastic holiday but not because something amazing happened specifically but because it was simple, good times, sun shining, warm, lots to see, everyone was happy, and my family and girlfriend where there. Things couldn’t have been better.


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