A new barbers opened up in the central shopping area near me, good place, guys in there are friendly and very well-mannered. I get a 2 on the back and sides and short and choppy on top, also had a traditional hot flannel shave. The cut is incredible, the shave not so much, may have just been a bad day but its only my first impressions, would go back , for a cut if nothing else.

Regarding the other parts of my day , I am back to working out again, not getting anywhere but it feels good, less stressed and I feel happier. As well as that I am an avid gamer, I hate that phrase, just finished Lego Lord of The Rings, yes I am 20 and I like Lego and Lord of The Rings. I have the new Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero to play and I have the HD collection for my PS Vita, the should last me about 3 weeks collectively. Other than them I am taking photos of anything, trying different settings, lenses, anything to try to give me a new perspective.  I am taking inspiration from a friend of mine and starting a series alongside my upcoming project, see here for that, my new solo series will be a photo of me everyday for as long as it still looks okay, I would then layer these images on top of each other to show a passage of time while still having all, for lack of a better word, versions of myself on display. I think the effect would be interesting to see, the colours of my clothes, skin, the hair length, the subtle changes yet it still being me.

Tomorrow will be a very good day, I am seeing the girlfriend, she has a few days of from exams and I am going up to calm her down, well try to anyway.

My life can be non-eventful at times but I enjoy these non hectic moments because when you are hectic everything seems to crop up at once, if I have learned something in my 20 years on this earth apart from the school/uni education I have had its to enjoy the peaceful moments because in the end valar morghulis.


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