Game of Thrones

5sz5qm472h_big_518b6f60007d2da4923b71f85e55883818a92547Just seen the season final of season 4 of Games of Thrones. It was truly superb. The pace, mood, script, acting, all were superb. The fact that the two people behind it all have signed on for another two seasons is terrific news and most of all the fact they are also developing story lines that where not developed in the books which allows them to remove slower less interesting parts and they are changing the order of things around a little is a sign of confidence but the fact that the fans are also so happy with the series shows you they are doing a good job.

I must admit the first two episodes of season one did test my patients but you quickly get drawn in and once that has happened you are never let go so you may as well buckle up for the ride. I thin the most refreshing aspect fr me about Game of Thrones is that no one is safe and I mean NO ONE. I think a lot of people are accustomed to being attached to one character or a group of main charters and they go through struggles and problems nearly dying on many occasions but they always survive and live. That’s the standard script type for the majority of films/TV Shows. However Game of Thrones just ignores that, will spend hours even seasons getting you really attached to characters and then in the space of 5 minutes they all end up dead, their heads in a stick and it’s done in the cruellest of ways. This not only makes it more realistic to the world that is created and is aimed to be created but it stays true to the books give or take a few chronological issues. I personally felt that this sense of no one is safe and all can die is what makes it so gripping, you get to know a wealth of characters, families, places, people but you know that they could all be dead in 5 minutes time without any real warning it makes it very real.

All in all I absolutely love Game of Thrones, I can’t recommend it enough but always remember, valar morghulis.


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