First Post

Lets Get Things Started.

It’s currently 23:13 here in the UK, I am sat on bed typing this out. The sound of keys being pressed on a keyboard has always been kind of therapeutic to me.  I don’t know why but it just has.

For those who don’t know me I’m a Law student. I have just finished my first year and I am awaiting my results. I don’t know how my exams went. I refuse to comment on the basis that in the past exams that I say have gone well have turned out horrendous so I am keeping stump on that one. I have started my summer, all 5 months of it. I want this summer to mean something to me, I want it to be more than just a summer of working to make money, I have my life to make money, I want to enjoy my freedom, do things, I am keen photographer, writer, thinker, debater, I just love doing creative or progressive things. Doing a summer job doesn’t appeal to me, it’s a waste of free time. I have a Saturday job and that tides me over nicely, granted I can’t afford £200 boots or clothes but anyone spending money on clothes like that I feel needs their head testing.

As stated my summer has just begun and as I am trying to find things to occupy a full 5 months my girlfriend is just starting her exams. She is worrying about them, she is putting on a brave face but she does worry, I try my best to calm her down but she tends to talk to her friends who have a similar thinking about exams than my just do it approach. We aren’t perfect, we don’t agree on everything but that’s what makes us get on so well, we never back down from our side of a discussion which gets interesting but over all we are brilliant. I have been with my superior half for over two and half years and frankly its the best two and a half years of my life, she has had a profound affect on me that has made me a better person, more confident, I believe in myself more and more and most importantly she accepts my absolutely bonkers behaviour. I love her.

My Photography is very important to me, there is a link to my business on the side of my page where you can see various collections of work. Yes I am a student but my quality of work is very commendable and I charge very reasonable prices. I do follow the rule of always having my camera on me so I can take advantage of any opportunity that presents its self.

As far as my writing goes you can be the judge of that, I do have a separate blog on here but that’s focused on my law work and law commentary, used mostly during my uni terms.

This blog will be for everything else, my photos, my ideas, my general social commentary, my life, everything.

I can’t say where this blog will go or what it will become but it will be used, I will say some crazy things on here but it’s what my head is like, totally random, crazy, bonkers, unpredictable and do you know what? I love it!