On going Plan.

Two Theatres in Liverpool have an option for students to get in to see a show for £6. If any tickets are available on the night of a performance and you can produce evidence that you are under 26 and a student then you can buy a ticket. So me and my better half have decided to do this, if we are in Liverpool and the play that is on takes our fancy then we will go and see if any tickets are left. I think it’s a nice gesture by the company to put this in place.

On a separate point, I have decided to write a book, I have the best part of 5 months off so I may as well do something i enjoy, yes I am still looking for work but in the mean time I may as well be productive. My photography is coming along, not as fast as I had hoped but you can’t rush a project.

I feel like my book should explore a lot about society, with everything in the news, I feel a hard-hitting book needs to made, it should deal with areas like, nootropics, society’s take on male and females, the law, the notion of the elite getting everything and the poor getting nothing, the idea that politics is a sham, democracy is nothing more than a glamorous production for the masses.

As you can tell from this post and my previous posts, my mind is very active, creative, and I’d like to think a little complex.