Money, Now TV, and University

This is a post about three things, I combined them due to me not having enough to have three separate posts.

Firstly I would like to concentrate on money. I know money is important and unfortunately money does make the world go round but the cost of everything these days is astronomical! I mean I’m a student and people seem to think we have loads of money, I assure you we don’t! If it wasn’t for the interest free overdraft I would be in trouble big time, I can’t wait for my student loan, not to go on a spending spree but for my account to go from red to black, just going for a coffee now days requires you to have money to burn! By the time you have got your books for the year, sorted your travel, and got your uni supplies you have eaten a god chunk of your loan, you then need food, bills paying, and for law students you need to fund the social events that get you work experience. I’m glad I have a part time job that’s giving me 18.5 hours from September, I need all the money I can get, this illusion of students having money to burn is incorrect.

Second is TV, I’m not some who who sits and watches a lot of TV, if something catches my eye I tend to get it on catch up at a later date when I have time, law students don’t have time to sit around that often but i often watch movies who have things on in the background and NOW TV is a gem! No long term contracts, easily affordable with my part time job and it gives me fantastic TV, movies, and sports if I want them. You can change your monthly outlay at the drop of a hat, handy for students. I emit i was sceptical of this at first, wasn’t quite sure of its relevance but after a 30 day free trial I love it!

Finally is University. I love it, the feeling of people getting work done, you hear knowledge flowing, pages turning, highlighters being used, staples keeping notes together, sounds geeky I know but I love that sound and feeling. I find that being in a place where others are working and learning makes you want to do the same, learning is conducive to learning. A mistake I made early first year was trying to work at home, to many distractions and nothing making feel like I should and want to learn. I wanted to learn but it wasn’t he same feeling you get at University, I think it has something to do with me feeling like I belong there, I really enjoy my degree subject and I think thats the key to it, if you don’t enjoy it you won’t succeed at it to the best of your ability.

Photography Concept

I am mostly appealing to the photographers on here with this but anyone who sees this and would like to partake and or knows someone who may want to partake please do read this and pass it on.

I want to start a photography concept and new piece of documentary. I live in a place that is regarded as run down, dirty, full of lazy people, people that don’t care, scroungers, people that live off handouts that kind of idea.

The area I live in may not be full of marble houses and gold plated streets but where I live is full of character, it has life. The people where I live make this place what it is, a funny, sarcastic, gritty, role your socks up and keep going place. We don’t have a lovely city or beautiful landscaped areas to go and walk in, we have social housing, roadworks, rubbish on the floor, our skyline is full of nothing but noise from where the sirens are going off and the police helicopter is flying overhead.

Saying all that I want to show that appearances can be deceiving, I want to get together a group of photographers, worldwide, nationwide (I am from the UK) any and all who want to participate. The aim is two fold, I want to capture the area I live in and dispel the connotation that where I live is just a dive, a hole, a pit of despair and misery, full of people no good for anything. I want others to do the same. Every country, county, state, area, geographical region has a area that is regarded in this way, not as good, full of lower, lesser people. The idea is simple, capture the character, the special something that gives the area its character and makes it a good place to live, Yes it may not be nice to look at but the people here are still good people, they have character, personality, the factors that actually count in life, not just looks.

If you are interested or want to talk to me further about this please email: or contact me on twitter @B_Wilkie2701